Pampered Princess and Pampered Prince

Once upon a time there was a baby gift basket that featured a stunning collection of gifts,  all artfully arranged in not one but two handcrafted willow baskets painted white and lined with checkered fabric. They make great storage bins for all of her precious things. This undeniably over the top gift basket is our largest and most extravagant creation to date. It's an absolutely spectacular gift that any mom and dad would be overjoyed to receive for their pampered little prince or princess! So if you're looking for a gift fit for royalty, this is the finest collection of quality gifts, keepsakes, handy helpers and heirlooms found anywhere.



  • Two 6”H x 17”W x 10”D fabric lined white willow baskets
  • A soft, pink (or blue) teddy bear, wearing a t-shirt that reads Baby Girl or Baby Boy
  • A soft plush, teddy bear rattle
  • A beautiful pink (or blue) and white baby photo frame
  • A hand-painted ceramic bank
  • A wooden door hanger with a section for birth announcement information
  • A 3-6 month “Her (or His) Royal Highness” Onesie, carefully tailored from the finest 100% cotton
  • A handprint and footprint molding kit and keepsake containers
  • A first cut and curl keepsake container
  • A first lost tooth keepsake container
  • A 60 minute CD "Traditional Lullabies"
  • A quilted snuggle Elephant
  • A Princess Boo Boo Bear with Ice Pack
  • A Giggle Bunny Squeaky rattle toy
  • A soft and snuggly pink (or blue) Shaw Blanket that would make a great heirloom piece
  • A Boxed Bib and Cloth set in a pretty Gingham plaid quilt pattern
  • A classically designed “My Baby scrapbook/photo album, filed with personalized acid-free pages, with plenty of room for baby’s photos with a matching journal
  • “Baby Bits” gourmet snack mix for mom and dad to enjoy
  • Milk Chocolate Lindor cream filled truffles  
  • Pink (or blue) silk roses and designer ribbon and bows


Now, just imagine how much fun they are going to have discovering all of the unique and wonderful treasures tucked inside this Royal collection of precious baby gifts! Mom just may end up with tears of joy! And as for the new baby, well, this gift will spoil her highness like no other gift can and make her the envy of all the other babies in the village! …And they shall all live happily ever after.

Pampered Princess and Pampered Prince

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