Spooky Treats
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Halloween is all about things that go bump and our Spooky Treats Halloween gift is sure to have them just a little on edge. Wendy the Good Witch sits with broom in hand protecting your gift of Halloween treats from the would-be thief's trying to steal it. Inside it is filled with only delicious name brand candy like Skittles and Reese's along with a green and orange tote of Spooky Shortbread cookies and Witches Candy Corn. All our Halloween gifts are suitable for kids of any age and are most appropriate for school aged children, college students, grandparents and anyone who would enjoy a visit from Wendy the Good Witch this Halloween season!

This Gift Includes:

  • Pillow box filled with ten (10) Fun Size Candies -
  • Possible Flavors: Reese's Pieces Baby Ruth Snickers M&M's Plain M&M's Peanut Hershey Kisses Skittles Reese's Fastbreak Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Other Candies as Available
  • Huge Reese's Giant Size Bar
  • Full Size Candy - Possible Flavors: Reese's Skittles (shown) M&M Plain M&M Peanut Other Candies as Available
  • Witch Candy Corn 3 oz.
  • Spooky Shortbread Cookies 2 oz.
  • Pumpkin Theme Halloween Themed Container
  • Design Gift Size 7" x 4" x 12" Shipping Weight 4 lbs.

  • Item #: BB-10-A515H

Spooky Treats

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