Hanukkah Gift Baskets

Choose a lovely Hanukkah Gift Basket for those you want to remember but perhaps don't know exactly what to send. When one of these baskets shows up at the door you'll have created a memory that will last for years to come. 

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Celebration of Hanukkah, Gift Basket Eight Days Of Hanukkah Gift Basket Festival Of Lights, Hanukkah Gift Basket
Celebration of Hanukkah, Gift BasketEight Days Of Hanukkah Gift BasketFestival Of Lights, Hanukkah Gift Basket

Help them to celebrate Hanukkah with this gorgeous gift arrangement that features a unique brown picnic style basket, filled up with a delicious selection of some of our all time favorite kosher sweets and snacks. These unique kosher Hanukkah...

Wish them a happy Hanukkah in style with this lovely gift featuring mouthwatering chocolates and tempting treats, all 100% kosher! We have filled a pretty white painted basket with White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies, a festive "Gelt" themed...Celebrate the Festival of Lights with this fabulous deluxe Hanukkah Gift arrangement! From festively wrapped chocolate creations, to our 100% kosher Wild Alaska Smoked Salmon, they are going to absolutely love this over-sized holiday gift basket!...




Hanukkah Celebration, Gift Basket Hanukkah Gift Basket Shalom! Hanukkah Gift
Hanukkah Celebration, Gift BasketHanukkah Gift BasketShalom! Hanukkah Gift

This traditional Hanukkah gift basket is all decked out in traditional colors and filled with mouthwatering snacks. There are eight days of Hanukkah this gift basket would be a great gift to any family who celebrates the Festival of Lights....

This lovely Hanukkah gift is filled with only kosher items. We have carefully selected an assortment of different pastas and sauces (6 servings each) we’ve also included additional fabulous sweets and treats like a Cashew Roca, cookies,...

Celebrate this Hanukkah season with a special Hanukkah gift. Family and friends will appreciate this delectable kosher gift as it is filled with treasured treats and sweets. We can ship directly to you for hand delivery or to your special...




Each Hanukkah Gift Basket is full of seasonal goodies suitable for any family or friend. Don't forget those are housebound this year. If you can't send yourself send the next best thing.