Festive Holiday Drum
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 A classic holiday drum not only holds this exciting and delicious holiday gift but also is a beautiful holiday decoration they can reuse in different ways for years to come. Drop in a beautiful silk holiday bush and make it into a floral arrangement, set it up on its side and display the Drummer Boy’s drum or even leave it on its side and use it to hold an assortment of hand towels or collect the mail or magazines during the holiday season. But to get to all the wonderful uses of this drum container, they will need to enjoy a wonderful assortment of fun and exciting goodies inside. This holiday drum is perfect for everyone on your holiday shopping list. This Gift Includes:

  • Fontazzi Buttercrunch Popcorn 5 oz.
  • Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows 14.2 oz.
  • Lady Walton’s Bite Size Butter Wafers 2 oz.
  • Themed Savory Snack Mix 6 oz.
  • Dolcetto Chocolate Pastry .9 oz.
  • Two (2) Seasonal Drink Selections (Singlebrew Shown)
  • Italian Amaretti Cookies in Bow Box .9 oz.
  • Holiday Drum Container
  • Gift Size 9 x 5.5" x 15"


  • Item #: BB-13-A609C

Festive Holiday Drum

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