Classic Holiday Gift
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 Our Classic Holiday Gift is an excellent choice for sending this holiday season. Our corporate clientele find this gift is within most gifting restrictions and is readily used for referrals and gifts of thank you and appreciation. Friends, family and clients alike will appreciate the basic staples of this gift; meat, cheese and snacks. This Gift Includes:

  • Sea Salt Crackers 2 oz. – Named the Best Sea Salt Cracker (One taste will tell you why!)
  • Themed Snack Mix 6 oz.
  • Seasonal Drink Selection (Singlebrew Coffee Shown)
  • Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese Triangle 4 oz.
  • Beef Summer Sausage 3 oz.
  • Decorative Box Container
  • Gift Size 7 x 4" x 12"


  • Item #: BB-13-A512C

Classic Holiday Gift

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