Cat Treats and Toy Box
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Cats can be sometimes a bit finicky but with this selection of both cat treats and kitty toys within this cat gift there is sure to be something inside that will become his favorite. Grandma Lucy's Ocean White Fish (100% natural) along with more treats and crinkle balls, catnip toys and even a big furry mouse all just waiting to be pounced on. Our cat gift is perfect for get well, welcome to the family, kitty birthdays and more. This Gift Includes:

  • Natural Sensations Cat Treats 2.01 oz.
  • Lobster Cat Nip Toys set of 2
  • Two (2) Crinkle Balls
  • Grandma Lucy’s Ocean White Fish 100% Natural Cat Treats 4 oz.
  • Large Furry Mouse Toy
  • Paw Print Design Box Container
  • Item #: BB-12-A200

Cat Treats and Toy Box

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