Batty Bear's Cauldron of Treats
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Batty Bear will be the star of your Halloween party, or dazzle on a reception desk or in a dorm room. Best of all, he delivers a sweet secret stash of yummy treats. His bat hat and mask can be removed for a sweet bear smile.

  • 8" Teddy bear dressed as a bat
  • peppermint patties (2)
  • Reese's peanut Butter pumpkin
  • Halloween microwave popcorn
  • Laffy Taffy Bar
  • M & M's plain
  • Hershey Special dark chocolate bar
  • RIP Coffin filled with skeleton bones
  • Worry warts, witches wart candies
  • Marshmallow peeps ghosts
  • Happy Halloween Candy Corn
  • Item #: 914347

Batty Bear's Cauldron of Treats

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